Technology Management


Unlike other service firms who profit from the failures in your IT environment, our purpose is to PREVENT computer problems from escalating into unexpected down-time, data loss and interruptions to your business resulting in financial loss.






  • Server Health and Performance – We conduct a variety of checks to ensure your systems are operating at peak levels.

  • Drive Space Change – A large change in drive utilization in a short time could indicate an issue, we look out for this.

  • Vital OS Services – We monitor major operating system services.

  • Status: Switches, Routers, Printers, Etc. – We verify the operating status of devices on your network.

  • Physical Disk Health and Availability – Tests on your disk drives are scheduled to make sure they are operating correctly.

  • Network Speed and Connectivity – Tests on your networks are scheduled to make sure they are not congested.

  • Exchange Store Size – Alerts are configured to notify us if your Exchange mail store exceeds a comfortable size.

  • File and Folder Sizes – Parameters are set and tested against so your file systems can run optimally (if stored locally.)

  • Web Page Availability – Web site responses are tested. • 24/7 Monitoring – We monitor your environment 24/7.

  • Advanced Monitoring Services – Predictive analytics, performance trending, complete OSI-lv3 monitoring (sFlow/Netflow etc.) reporting and more.




  • Patch Management – Patches for Microsoft and select Linux OS’s are managed and installed to maintain current versions of your software.

  • Mobile Device Management – Gives the ability to track and remotely lock, reset passwords, and wipe the data from lost mobile devices.

  • Event Logs – Event logs are monitored for critical events.

  • Monthly Reporting – A monthly summary report is sent for your review.

  • Asset Tracking – We maintain a list of all hardware and systems in your environment.

  • Software Inventory – We maintain a list of all installed software on your systems.




  • Secure Remote Assistance – Technicians can securely access your systems when assistance is needed.

  • Service Desk / Help Desk – Technicians are available to help you with your technology questions.

  • On-site Support – Our technicians or engineers will go to your location to address issues requiring physical access.