About Our Company


At Astra Data Solutions we provide Enterprise IT and Cyber Security Managed Services for businesses of every size. We provide true IT Management (MSP) and true Security Services (MSSP), with a focus on the whole enterprise. This is accomplished through our unique Secure Distributed Operations Nexus Framework™. We provide coverage that helps you manage your environment and secures your technology across your business enterprise.


Astra Data Solutions brings highly skilled and certified experts to every client engagement. Our Enterprise Management Services (EMS) can provide you with the equivalent of a 16-person IT Department for less than what you might pay for a single full-time analyst. Our full-featured solutions can be customized for your business and includes a full range of services. Let us deal with your technology and security issues so you can focus on your business. Here are some examples of the services we oftfer for IT Management and Security Services. Please visit our Services page for more information.